Come preparare la crema di pistacchio

How to prepare homemade pistachio cream

Come preparare la crema di pistacchio fatta in casa

Homemade pistachio cream how to do?

Are you looking for a tasty, preservative-free spread? Something greedy to start the day well? Then the pistachio cream is the answer to your needs!

Once tasted, you will touch the stars with your finger and you will not be able to do without it!

The spreadable pistachio cream is delicious, ideal to taste alone, to spread on bread, to fill crepes, biscuits and desserts. A mousse with a delicate flavor and an unmistakable scent.
Excellent for breakfast, it provides a lot of taste and energy.

For obvious reasons it is not possible for us to reveal the manufacturing process to obtain the Caraci pistachio cream , made in an artisanal way with 35% of Sicilian pistachio, without preservatives or dyes. But, today we want to advise you on how to prepare a good home version. Very few ingredients are enough for many moments of pleasure!

How to prepare homemade pistachio cream

To get a good pistachio cream here is what you need:

  • 200g Shelled Bronte Pistachio (not toasted and unsalted)
  • 150g of good quality white chocolate
  • 100g of brown sugar
  • 30g of butter
  • 80ml (a glass) of milk (also vegetable)

With these simple ingredients you can prepare a good and genuine pistachio nutella , far better than supermarket products (just check the ingredients on the labels).

Procedure for preparing the pistachio cream

Ready to prepare pistachio cream together?

The first phase is perhaps certainly the most delicate. The Bronte pistachio mousse has a fairly lively color, while the classic pistachio grain is covered with a very thin purplish skin. How do we remove it?

The solution is simpler than it seems!

Just take a saucepan, pour in the water and bring it to a boil. At this point we put 200g of pistachio inside and let them boil for a maximum of 8/10 minutes. In this way the external purple skin will tend to detach from the grain, drain the pistachios and put them to dry on a clean cloth, preferably cotton or otherwise soft and without lint.

We arrange the pistachios in the center of the cloth and close the ends trying to form a sort of bag. Now, holding the handle, we shake the bag until all the purple cuticles detach from the grain, also helping us with our hands. We dry the pistachios well in order to have them ready to use.

The second step is to transform our pistachio into flour or grain. So let's arm ourselves with a blender / chopper or mortar and make our pistachio as thin as possible. If you want to avoid these steps, you can buy Bronte grain directly.

Now, let's melt the 150 grams of white chocolate in a saucepan, add 30 grams of butter and then also 80 ml of milk. Let's melt it as if to create the classic chocolate. Then mix with a wooden spoon to mix all the ingredients until you reach a creamy consistency.

As soon as the chocolate has reached the right density, add the chopped pistachio and 100 grams of brown sugar. We continue to mix, mixing everything until you get a creamy mousse.

If during the process we find that the mixture is too thick, you can add a little milk.

The preparation is finished, now we just have to pour the pistachio cream into a glass container (previously sterilized with boiling water). Leave to cool naturally.

Here we are, you have finally prepared your first Bronte Pistachio Cream! Now you can enjoy it on its own or to fill your favorite desserts. Also excellent for enriching creams and ice creams or as a gift idea.
The only contraindication? Warning… it is addictive !!!

Recipes with pistachio cream

Pistachio cream has numerous uses in the kitchen, as we said it can be enjoyed alone or spread on a slice of bread or can be used to garnish desserts, cakes and biscuits.

From recipes without using the oven, ideal for summer or when you don't have much time such as pistachio tiramisu, pistachio cream ice creams , no-bake pistachio desserts . To more elaborate recipes such as biscuits with pistachio cream heart, pistachio desserts, pistachio nutella tart, pistachio cake . Sicilian cannoli with pistachio, cream puffs with pistachio cream, the delicious shortcrust cake with cherries and pistachio cream or pancakes and crepes with delicious pistachio cream.

These are just some of the many desserts that can be prepared. If your mouth is watering, keep following us because we will publish many recipes with Bronte Pistachio!

The origins of Pistachio

Pistachio is now an icon for our country as well as for our culinary culture. It is used both to enrich savory dishes and to make delicious desserts. Let's discover its birth together.

The cultivation of pistachio has very ancient origins, dating back to around 1000 BC in the Middle East. The Maya were the first pistachio farmers in the territories of Persia, Syria and India.

In Italy, the cultivation of pistachio was introduced in 30 AD It was the Arabs who imported it to Sicily, first in the provinces of Agrigento and Caltanissetta, and then in Bronte, around the middle of the 18th century. We have information on at least ten different varieties of pistachio, the most valuable being that of Bronte, in the province of Catania.

Bronte pistachio from Sicily

Mediterranean flavors are a timeless and unparalleled tradition. Pistachio di Bronte is also nicknamed the green gold of Etna for its high commercial value.
It is certainly one of the most popular products in the world. This variety grows in Sicily, on the lava soils of Etna, in the southwestern area and more precisely in the municipalities of Bronte, from which it takes its name, Adrano, Belpasso, Ragalna and Biancavilla. Its production has obtained the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) mark. A real artisan treasure, with a unique and genuine flavor.

The Bronte pistachio is of an unparalleled quality, it stands out for its delicate sweetness and the emerald green color due to the percentage of chlorophyll, superior to other types of pistachio.

Its valuable characteristics are due to the territory in which it grows. The union between the lava territory and the plant that is continuously fertilized by volcanic ashes gives life to a fruit rich in minerals, with a strong flavor. If you have never been to Sicily, well this is the time to book a nice holiday full of the flavors and colors of this beautiful land.

The cultivation of the Bronte pistachio takes place every other year, between August and September. Its cultivation and production represents an important source of income for the city of Bronte.

If we want to rely on the numbers, the Bronte pistachio represents over 90% of the Italian pistachio production and about 2% of the world production.

Thanks to the Sicilian Caraci company that produces Pistachio specialties typical of the city of Bronte, it is possible to bring the best of local artisan production to your table: from pistachio cream to pure pistachio paste , from pesto to pistachio liqueur , from sweets to pistachio pasta and much more.

What are the benefits of Bronte Pistachio?

The consumption of Bronte Pistachios (not roasted and unsalted) is a panacea for the cardiovascular system, because they are cholesterol-free. The World Health Organization recommends 30g per day because it brings numerous benefits to our body and mind. The daily serving of 30g contains only 13 grams of fat, of which 1.5 are saturated and the rest are good fats.

Let's see together the main benefits of Bronte Pistachio:

  • They stimulate a good mood and fight stress
  • They prevent aging
  • They protect the sight
  • They help the health of bones and teeth
  • They fight high blood pressure thanks to the potassium content
  • They prevent type II diabetes: the phosphorus contained within them keeps the level of glucose in the blood under control and breaks down amino acids.
  • They lower bad cholesterol
  • They have anticancer properties thanks to beta carotene which helps prevent tumors
  • They help in case of anemia, thanks to the copper contained within them
  • They fight infections and strengthen the immune system
  • Beauty allies for skin and hair thanks to mineral salts such as copper, zinc, selenium, lutein and vitamin H
  • Rich in mineral salts and B vitamins
  • Source of vegetable proteins and carotenoids
  • Source of phosphorus, copper and potassium
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • They contain Omega 3 and Omega 6, ideal during pregnancy for the correct development of the fetal nervous system.

Savory recipes with Bronte Pistachio

The color and scent of Bronte Pistachio are unmistakable and irresistible.

Its use is usually associated with sweets and ice cream, but there are also many savory recipes with Bronte pistachio.
Have you ever tasted a typical dish of Bronte's cuisine? For those who answered no, we are very sorry, you are missing a sensory experience! Instead for the lucky ones who nodded, you are surely coming up with a roundup of appetizing foods:

  • Pistachio pasta (great classic)
  • Arancino with Pistachio (exuberant)
  • Pistachio pizza (aphrodisiac)

We continue with the pistachio pesto to season the pasta, the various sauces to enrich bruschetta and croutons. Carbonara with peas and pistachios, linguine with salmon with pistachio pesto and dried tomatoes. Salmon trofie with pistachio pesto and cream. Fresh pasta with shrimps, tomatoes and pistachio. Penne with asparagus cream with chopped pistachios.

The combination of aromas and flavors in the kitchen with Bronte Pistachio are truly infinite. Its use is so versatile, an excellent snack to be consumed alone or accompanied by other dried fruit. With its grain it is possible to create many delicious recipes, from salads with a sprinkling of dried fruit to creamy risotto with pistachio grains.
If you too want to try many tasty dishes, keep following us because we will publish many sweet and savory recipes to prepare with pistachio.

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