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Pistachio liqueur

Pistachio liqueur

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What is Pistachio Liqueur Cream (Pistachio Liqueur)

The Caraci Pistachio Liqueur is precisely an alcohol-based Liqueur Cream that derives from the Pistachio bean itself. When you taste such a Pistachio Liqueur , you let yourself be carried away by an intense and fragrant Sicilian taste all with Pistachio. Pleasant on the palate and very welcome in traditional Sicilian places, this Liqueur Cream can be enjoyed alone or in sweet company, both as an aperitif and in the afternoon to guarantee a small moment of Mediterranean pleasure.

You can try it after meals to guarantee yourself a unique and delicate digestive! Or discover it to flavor your desserts, in fact it goes fabulously with desserts and ice cream drownings. It can be served in both summer and winter, with or without ice to your liking!

Ingredients of the Pistachio Liqueur Cream

Semolina, Water, Pistachios (10.0%), coloring: E141, E100

Shelf Life

24 Months

Storage conditions of the Pistachio Liqueur

Store in a cool and dry place, away from sources of heat and light.

By purchasing the product you will receive in I gift the eBook with the best Pistachio recipes from the town of Bronte!

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