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Rigatoni with Pistachio

Rigatoni with Pistachio

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What are Pistachio Rigatoni?

THE Rigatoni with Pistachio they are a type of high quality durum wheat and pistachio semolina pasta.

This type of pistachio pasta has a striped drawing , which creates small thin lines on the surface of the pasta that allow it to better retain pesto and condiments used in the kitchen.

Artisan and particular is the method of processing the pasta is completely natural.

In fact, Rigatoni with Pistachio are made slowly dried in a completely natural way and at a low temperature to preserve their organoleptic characteristics and nutritional properties.

500g pack ideal for 4 people.


Sicilian Durum Wheat Semolina, Pistachio (10.0%) - Semolina, Pistachio (10.0%)

Shelf Life

12 months

Conservation conditions

Store in a cool and dry place, away from sources of heat and light.

By purchasing the product you will receive in I gift the eBook with the best Pistachio recipes from the town of Bronte!

pistachio recipe book

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